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Day 3 (Karimun Island & Kundur Island, Riau Islands Province, Indonesia - 28th February to 02th March 2014) - Back to KL via Singapore.

Continue from Day 2.

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02/03/2014 (Sunday)

I was very excited for new adventure so my sleep was not so smooth. Around 0445 or 0500 in dawn I woke up after heard Subuh prayer call. I felt it not like normal, normally at KL, the payer call only been heard around 0545. In my heart, I want to go to the mosque, but this is Indonesia, did not know how danger or not. So I have my prayer at Azmi's house. Azmi's employer, PT Timah which is Indonesian government company is very care for their staff. Beside provide quarters house for their staff, which quite big, equally C class in Malaysian civil service offered, water supply and electricity is free of charge!!! But the supply did not consistent. With the hot climate (because of island or sea climate), I always had shower can be said every pray time, because the water was free...

After solat, at 0600, Azmi asked Pak Nasir and I with his brother, to have breakfast at a stall at the main road. When I arrived at that stall, wow, there were a lot of kuihs! Most of the kuihs were same as be found in Malaysia or more precisely Johor. Epok-epok (or other states called karipap (curry puff), kuih ketayapcucur badak, village pau and a lot more. Plus, with the main meal like lontongsotonasi lemak and many more. Felt like to stay forever here. I ordered lontong, just to want to taste the flavour of Kundur's lontong. Superb...

We ate together with Prayun old statlers, who just back from the mosque. All of them are member of tabligh group and already went to perform hajj. Azmi just said to them that I also a haji. Our conversation became more robusted., from current condition of Makkah and Madinah, Malaysia condition, Sri Petaling, KL's mosque which has became tabligh centre and many more. We talked until we do not aware that time running fast. Azmi asked to back to his home, as to prepare for 5 province journey (for himself and Pak Nasir) and 3 nation "journey" (plus 5 states, huhuhu) for myself. 

As we went back to Azmi's home, I just remembered that on the day before, I forgot to take picture of a big poster about general election of Indonesia. So I took a picture of it which was not very far from the stall, but I managed to take some part of it, because I took it while I sat on a moving motorcycle.

As we arrived at Azmi's home, Yanti and her children have already ready. Luckly, my stuffs also have ready. Just waited for Pak Nasir and Azmi to pack some of their stuffs. The most important were two bicycles of Azmi's which will be used for their journey at Sumatera after that.

After all stuffs have been ready, Azmi and his brother immediately sent Yanti and her children to the junction. At the junction, they will wait for an angkot to bring them to Tanjung Batu town. While waiting Azmi back to his house, Pak Nasir and I tried Azmi's bicycles. It was increased my excitement to follow them, but how could I do, the next day (03rd March 2014), MARA Tower will be officially opened by Prime Minister of Malaysia, and I was selected to be officer in duty, so I needed to came back to KL.

Not long after that, Azmi and his brother arrived and Azmi need to store in one of his motorcycle, if not, it will be taken by Orang Laut. Before we leave, three of us was be taken in a picture as below, thanks to Azmi's brother for this picture.

There was our turn to go the junction. Azmi's brother and I rode the motorcycle, Azmi and Pak Nasir rode the bicycles. I took their picture while we on those vehicles.

When we arrived at the junction, consequently it was an angkot want to pass by, but Azmi immediately waved to the angkot. The bicycles were been put on the roof of the angkot. Before we went to our own destination, we asked Azmi's brother to take our picture as our memorabilia. After that, we said to each other have a great journey. Azmi's family and Pak Nasir went to Tanjung Batu, Azmi's brother and I went to Selat Beliah for Tanjung Balai Karimun.

Azmi's brother and I arrived at Selat Beliah jetty at 0845 am. The next ferry was at 0920 am. We thought we can catched that ferry but counter's clerk said the ticket has already finished, and next ferry will be at 1150 am. So we have to wait. It was OK. I gave money for ticket fare but Azmi's brother was refused to take it. But he like knew, he gave me ferry ticket to me. Alhamdulillah, I can took it as souvenir. This time we took MV Ocean Asia ferry. The ferry fare for Selat Beliah to Tanjung Balai Karimunwas Rp18 thousands (about RM5.40). The insurance was Rp800 (+-24 Malaysian sen) and port tax was Rp1500 (+- 45 Malaysian sen). So, total ticket price for a person was Rp15700 only (+-RM4.72). Then I thought we should waited in the terminal building about a couple of hours, maybe.

At  0900 am, the ferry arrived. Azmi;s brother was very shy man. I suggested to him that we just went out to jetty gate and waited there. My goal was, if there still have empty seat, we can take that ferry. If can, I do not want to wait at the terminal building for long time. In addition, there were some people waited there also. My assumption was true, alhamdulillah we can went into the ferry. I chose to sit at back of the ferry, an open air seats with roof on it, for me felt the original seabreeze. I sat beside a motorcycle, yes a motorcycle, which been taken to Tanjung Balai. It was about 20 minutes, I have very interested journey.

After arrived at Seri Tanjung Gelam People Jetty,we walked to Tanjung Balai International Jetty to buy a ticket to Singapore. Alhamdulillah, I managed to get a Indo Falcon ferry ticket which priced of Rp200 thousands (+-RM60.00). I get a discount off Rp20 thousands (+-RM6.00) because I had already filled up Singapore immigration form, which I keep it a lot in my car at home. This was not included port tax Rp60 thousands (+-RM18.00) which will be paid just before entering departure hall at jetty.

After got the tickets, we went to in front of the jetty to take picture at Proclamation Monument as a sign I has arrived at Pulau Karimun. After that, we went to shops beside People Jetty to buy some souvenir for my family at home. The price was cheap, as example, hijab for prayer sold at RM25 only (can use Malaysian Ringgit). 

I had to say thanks to Azmi's brother because accompanied me until that moment. We separated there, perhaps we will meet again.

My stomach suddenly became hungry, eventhough I had already eaten a plate of lontang early morning. Actually it was just a reason, because I passed by in front of a row of nasi padang restaurants, I became addicted. So i hopped into a restaurants. Maybe because I was alone, the waiter said that I can self service myself. So I took cow's young stomach and young jackfruit with a plate of rice that was been given to me. For drink, i ordered iced water and avocado juice with a little of chocolate. Nice...

Alhamdulillah, my stomach had already fulled enough. It should be filled up because maybe I believe I will not eat until midnight as to catch transportation to arrive at my house in KL. With pice of Rp20 000 (+-RM6.00), for me it was very worth and cheap. I gave Rp30 000 and aslo bought a big and a small bottle of bottled drinking water, and was be given change Rp2000, which is one of Rupiah note that I have not yet.

 Nota Rp 2000 = +- 60 sen Malaysia

After that, I looked at my watch, oh o, there was already 1025 am... Ferry will depart at 1100 am!!! I get rushed to jetty for payment of passenger service charge or easy to call port tax about Rp60 000 (+-RM18.00) and must be paid in Rupiah, so as reminder, PLEASE do not finish your Rupiah, allocate that or you will not depart!!! This tax only be paid on departure only. It was a case just before my turn to pay (at this time, my bag had been scanned for security measure), a Indian Malaysian had already finished his Rupiah and he asked to pay by Malaysian Ringgit. The clerk hesitated (because the rule, port tax only can be paid by Rupiah only, it is stated on a board at that area) and then she said can (to ease the rule, because there was a long que after me, suddenly!) but need to pay RM50! He became angry, but he just paid it. Actually I want to help, but he gave fastly the RM50. The clerk got extra RM32 or about Rp106 000 for her wage that day. After this charge has been paid, a sticker will stick on boarding pass. 

After that, immigration formality. Alhamdulillah, included line in time, within 5 minutes, it done. Still in time. at 1050 am, passengers been called to enter inside MV Falcon 5 ferry. When arrive at ferry door, the boarding pass which have port tax sticker must give it to ferry staff. Quite sad, because I have not take that sticker image. Then I entered into ferry and sat at behind row (tips: this because to ease if you want to go to the toilet and also to go to upstair of the ferry, to see view, some while after the ferry departed, not at time of ferry depart because the rule stated that). 1105 am sharp, ferry departed.

The ferry journey at this time, crossing international shipping lanes. There were a lot of commercial ships cruising along the journey. Sometime, the ferry looked just very near to the ship, alhamdullilah nothing happen, maybe I too worry. 

When the ferry want to arrive at HarbourFront jetty, it cruised just beside Sentosa Island shore. Actually HarbourFront is situated facing Sentosa, where Universal Studio and Resort World Sentosa is situated, At Teluk Blangah, where the HarbourFront is situated, there are a lot of futuristic buildings. Once upon a time a go, this place was Keppel Dock, among largest dry dock in the world. But nowadays it become real estate that developed by Keppel Land.

About a few meters from the jetty, I saw a very big cruise ship Superstar Virgo owned Star Cruise by , was berthing at HarbourFront's cruise ship jetty.

Exact 1340H (1:40 pm Singapore time, which is one hour earlier than Indonesia), MV Falcon 5 finally arrived at jetty number 1 HarbourFront. I went to immigration hall, not far from the jetty. Therefore many people when I was there, but after 10 minutes, all formality settled, because of they open many counters. At last, I got S stamp of Singapore Immigration. S is Singapore Immigration code for seaport checkpoints. Before this, I have already W stamps for Woodlands land crossing checkpoints and T stamps for Tuas land crossing checkpoints. What I still have not is A stamp for airport checkpoint. 

I moved to outside the checkpoint after customs and securities counter, I arrived at concourse of Singapore Cruise Centre  which attached together with HarbourFront shopping complex.

I got around the Singapore Cruise Centre and HarbourFront to take some picture, because this was my first time I been here. Then to familiarise because possibility to back here is high (actually next week of this time, I was back to here, it can be read at Batam with KTMB Train, Ferry & Aeroplane - Self Journey). For information, if want to buy feri tickets, can go to 2nd floor (for Batam Fast) and 3rd floor (for other ferry providers). For ferry departure can go to left hand side and go to right hand side if cruise ship departure.

Beside that, I went to a telecommunication shop to buy Hi! prepaid SIM card from Singapore Telecom (Singtel), which cost SG$10 (+-RM26.00) (actually it cost SG$8 (+-RM20.80) only, but other SG$2 (+-RM5.20) I assumed  that for commission. As my iPhone5 uses nano SIM, then I was been charged another SG$4 (+-RM10.40) to cut my SIM card from mini (normal) SIM card to micro SIM to nano SIM. Huh!!!

The objective I bought the SIM card because to get cheaper communication and to use internet at cheaper cost. There are two more provider at Singapore, which are StarHub and M1, but I chose SIngTel, because it is the best provider.

Eventhough inside this SIM card prestored SG$10 (+-RM26.00), but it leaf only a little more than SG$1because I forgot to off mobile data mode. Actually there are cheaper SingTel data plan. So I had to go to Cheers (like 7-Eleven) to buy reload card (because the Cheers outlest just beside enterence gate of HarbourFront MRT Station.  Cheers only sold SG$20 and higher reload card>. I had to buy it. After that, i took 1 Day Ultimate 2GB unlimited data plan for SG$6.00 (RM15.60).

Next, I went to HarbourFront MRT Station to Kranji MRT to transit to bus heading to Larkin Sentral Bus Terminal at Johor Bahru. MRT ticket price was SG$2.30 (+-RM6.00). The journey took about 1 hour.There are a lot MRT route can be taken. I took a route that required to transit 2 times, first at Outram Park from Northeast lane (purple) to East West lane (green) headed to Jurong East. Then from there to North South lane (red) to Kranji.

A long the journey, I observed that Singapore also experience drought season, it can be seen obviously dried grass from inside MRT train.

As I arrived at Kranji MRT station, I realised that I did not have small change to alight the bus. So I went to convenience store, coincidentally my drinking water had already finished, then I bought a bottle of drinking water priced SG$1.70 (+-RM4.42)!!!  Huh, very expensive!!! I gave SG$5 and got change SG$3.30. I asked to change smaller change. After I received it, I realised that Singapore has change its coin design. I got new 20 cents and SG$1.00.

20 cent Singapura (baru versi 2013) = +- 52 sen Malaysia

SG$ 1.00 (baru versi 2013) = +- RM 2.60

After that, I immediately cross to across bus stop to wait SBS bus numbered 170 with background and red writing. Please do not take bus 170 with red background and blue writing because it only go to Kotaraya Terminal, in the middle of Johor Bahru downtown. There are another 2 more stage bus providers which is SMRT (same company with MRT service) and Causeway Link (Malaysian company). If you wait at MRT station bus stop, you will get buses headed to city centre.

At last at 1515 (3:15 pm), I got the bus and paid SG$1.90 (+-RM5.00) and 10 mintes later, I arrived at Woodlands Checkpoints. All passanger needed to alight to go to immigration and customs counters upstairs. Customs let me go easily. It was not many people eventhough it was an Sunday evening. After my pasport been stamped, I went downstairs to take back the bus. Here, we can take any bus to go to Bangunan Sultan Iskandar (BSI) (JB checkpoint) for immigration formality at Malaysia.

S stamp can be seen (at the edge of Singaporean Immigration arrival stamp, left side black in colour). For departure stamp, green with W coded, means departed at Woodlands Checkpoints.

This is my first time I used BSI by bus. Previously, I drove a car. There were many cars want to enter Malaysia, but more want to enter Singapore. Maybe they just finished shopping at JB. But, since long time ago, Singapore Checkpoint very slow in immigration checking. 

Same as Woodloands, BSI need to go upstairs for imigration and custom formality. There were a lot of opened counters and so do autogate, but I chose manual counter. My intention was to get arrival stamp for nationality but the officer refuse to give it. If want to get Malaysian Immigration stamp in Malaysia passport, BSI is not the place. If any request, they will refused. 

After the procedure, I went to downstair to take my bus back to Larkin Sentral Terminal. It was smooth traffic along the way to Larkin dan after 15 minutes, I arrived at Alrkin at 1640 (4:40 pm).

I searched for ticket to KL, but the 1700 (5:00 pm) ticket had finished. The nearest time left was 19:30 (7:30 pm). After search some more, I got am 1730 (5:30 pm) ticket, but when I want to pay, unfortunately, the tickets clerk just said it just been bought. At that counter, next trip to KL was 2030 (8:30 pm). I disappointed, normally at Larkin, I never expedience like this before. 

Suddenly, a man (unauthorised tickets seller) said, he has ticket to KL at 1730 (5:30 pm). I agreed because do not want to be late (the action that never I did before). The price also a bit expensive, RM40.00 one way (normally RM30.00 only). I took the bas and snapped a picture of ticket, because what I been told, this ticket will be taken by bus staff.

The time already 1730 (5:30 pm), but the bus still had not moved yet, after 20 minutes later, then it moved. I was slept because of tiredness, but alhamdulillah my stomach was not hungry, effected from I ate a lot of Nasi Padang at Tanjung Balai Karimun.

After one and half hour later, the bus arrived at Yong Peng and went out from highway heading to a restaurant. There were a lot of buses stopped here. I just remembered that I have not performed yet Zohor and Asar prayer. Immediately I did it as jamak qasar and after finished I waited for a moment for Maghrib and Isyak. After 5 minutes, the prayer called been heard and I did my prayer. After solat, I ate some food in the restaurant and took back the bus. The bus moved back to KL at 1940 (7:40 pm). 

Finally, at 2245 (10:45 pm), the bus arrived at TBS and 30 minute later, I arrived at home after rode my motorcycle. That was my journey.

Kembara GD - Terokai Dunia, Kenali Kehidupan...

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Day 2 (Karimun Island & Kundur Island, Riau Islands Province, Indonesia - 28th February to 02th March 2014) - Kukup-Tanjung Balai, Karimun-Kundur Journey and Around Kundur Island.

Continue from Day 1.

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Day 3; or 

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Hari 1 (bahagian ini);
Hari 2; atau
Hari 3.

01/03/2014 (Saturday)

All the way, because of this bus journey was at night, so automatically, I was zzzing... It so comfort, because I slept on single seat in a 27 seats bus. While I was sleeping, I felt the bus had been stopped. Oh, it has already arrived at Tangkak's toll plaza. My watch showed 01:00 am. I continued my sleeping, because I will use a lot of energy, at the day.   

Then when I was sleeping, again, I felt the bus stopped but this time longer. Oh, it stopped for break at a restaurant at Parit Jawa area, I think, not so sure because I felt my eyes so heavy. It was 02:15 am... Once again, I continued to sleep, felt lazy to eat. When arrive at Pontian, then I will eat.

At one time, when I semi-conscious, I flet I know the place, where the bus was stopping. There was on Jalan Rugayah junction in Batu Pahat. About 1 1/2 more hours, will arrive at Pontian. I did not looked at my watch at this time.

Finally, I woke up because I heard bus wind brake sound. The bus stopped in front of Pontian Hospital, to drop a passanger. This mean, I can not sleep anymore, because the bus will arrive to the destination any time. At last, at 04:25 am, the bus arrived at Pontian Public Transport Terminal at Pontian New Town (reclaimed area). This terminal is still new. I alighted from the bus.

When I looked around this terminal, oh o... All have been locked... Include prayer room and toilet... So, what to do next???

Hah, when the bus was on the way to the terminal, I saw a McDonald's brunch at the junction to ther terminal from the main road. More interesting, it is open 24 hours... Pontian become more developing town nowaday. So, I went there... To have breakfast, to get clean and others... There also has WiFi...

After had breakfast, my got the strength & freshness. But my heard said that I left something, oh just remember, my black leather hat, which bought at Suzhou, last November been lest in the bus. Huh, it not a big deal, not my rezeki. Then I back to bus terminal waiting for Pak Nasir. 

Among pictures that been taken at the terminal. Then at 06:20 am, Pak Nasir called me, he said he arrived already. He took me to his sister in law's car and went to Pontian Town Mosque to perfomed Subuh (Fajr) prayer. 

After performed the prayer, we immediately went to Kukup, about 26 km from Pontian. We needed to rush because infromation from internet mention that first ferry to Karimun will depart at 08:00 am from MV Tuah and next ferry will depart at 11:00 am. On the way, we looked some places affected with smog causing from open firing at Riau Province as been said, but I think there was also causing from local firing. We can smelled strong smoke smell. At 07:25 am, we arrived at Kukup. But, MV Tuah tickets for 08:30 am trip has already finished... Oh, we need to wait for 11:00 am trip. But fortunately, the counter clerk said that the next counter will be open soon for 08:30 am trip, which handle by another company, Ocean Indomal. Alhamdulillah... We went to a little restaurant near by to have breakfast, because Ocean Indomal's counter has not opened yet.

This is Pak Nasir. Still handsome and trendy... Hehehe... (While I was writing this posting, Pak Nasir has finished first part of this journey at 02th April 2014 (Wednesday). The blog can be read at Sepanjang Jalan Kehidupan.) While having breakfast, I surveyed at the counter, suddenly it was opened. I was at first in line and bought for myself on way ticket for RM95.00 only, which the fare is RM75.00 + RM10.00 for boarding fee and another RM10.00 for processing fee (filling in Arrival & Departure Indonesian Immigration form).

This Bording Pass will be colleted by ferry company, others can be kept... Fortunately I have taken this picture.

For return tickets as Pak Nasir bought, the price is RM110.00 only, which the price difference with one way is about RM15.00 only. The price comprised the fare, RM75.00 + RM10.00 for boarding fee and another RM10.00 for processing fee (filling in Arrival & Departure Indonesian Immigration form). But when want to depart from Tanjung Balai, Karimun jetty, there will port tax that we need to pay. I will mention after on. The ticket for return back to Kukup will open for a month. Obviously, return ticket is more profit than single journey. 

I took picture of Pak Nasir and his family, who want to bye bye as they said... Hehehe... About 08:15 am, we entered to Malaysian immigration counters for immigration procedure. 

As my turn at immigration counter, I asked to the officer to stamp my passport. Alhamdulillah, he stamped my pasport without ask...

Then Pak Nasir, other passengers and I rode into the ferry. This was my first time I rode a ferry to another country. Majority of passenger are Indonesian, and also some were Malaysia. Mostly male. Perhaps they will have good cause to come to Karimun. At 08:35 am, the ferry departed from Kukup jetty.

At 08:30 am west Indonesian time (WIB-Waktu Indonesia Barat) (08:30 am Malaysian time), the ferry arrived at Tanjung Balai, Karimun, Riau Islands, Indonesia. Hehehe... Alhamdulillah... As usual, we took some picture, selfie and posing...

Below is my profile picture in Facebook page of KembaraGD (but, without Instaweather additional graphics).

After posed for some pictures, then just remembered, all the people already at immigresion hall. So, we were last people in the line... There was a long que. We waited our turn quite long, and then next ferry arrived and its passengers arrived in the hall. The ferry maybe came from Singapore (because I saw there were a lot of Singaporean passport). Indonesian passport holder was given special treatment, through express lane. While we were waiting for our turn, one of the Indonesian immigration officer mingled with us. He was a warm man. His accent like Johorean Malay talk. But his warm had some agenda, he actually want to ask us to us "fast track", but with some money... Actually as usual, I did not liked this matter. He being bored with us, after we do nothing about it. That why there was only one counters was been opened even though there are four counters. Plus, the officer in express lane for Indonesian did not called us to go his counter, although no more Indonesian anymore. 

If a citizen from countries which require to have visa to enter Indonesia, Visa-On-Arrival (VOA) is avaiable at this port. With US$ 25.00 they will get 30 days visa. I saw some Indian nationalities applied for VOA at that time. Below picture was taken quietly, because picture taking is prohibited at any immigration counter all over the world.  

After 35 minutes waiting in the line, then I got the Indonesian passport stamp for first time after some long years.

Finally, we exited from the terminal bulding, then we're been crowded by tout, who keep asking for there service. Suddenly, Pak Nasir was been called by somebody. Oh, he was Azmi (Facebook idMuhamad Azmi), our new known friend who will bring us to travel here. He also will take Pak Nasir to his wife hometown at Kerinchi, Jambi (Sumatera) for next a week, which I cannot be together (because I not applied for job leave and also I need to be staff in charged for MARA Tower Official Ceremony by Malaysian Prime Minister).

After exchanging shake hands to each other, I asked Azmi, how to buy SIM card at Tanjung Balai. As he walked, he thought maybe for my favour. I saw many of eatery shop outside of the pier, most of it sold nasi padang. The foods looked very attracting and appetising, nyum nyum... Maybe when I back to KL, I will eat here, as my heart said...

As we arrived at road side of the pier, we actually already at Tanjung Balai town. The road quite narrow, like roads in Thailand's towns. There a lot vehicles in the town like motorcycle taxis which called ojek here and taxis from vans or small lorries which called angkot. Many of ojeks and angkots driver called for us but we just followed Azmi... Oh, Azmi brought me to a shop which sold SIM card. 

There are many type prepaid SIM card from a lot of provider (telco or MNVP) in Indonesia... This shop sold SIM card from TelkomselIndosatAxis & XL Axiata. Actually, there were more provider can be found elsewhere. From a provider, many prepaid products also need to be chosen eg from Telkomsel, have simPATIkartuHaloKartu As dan Loop. Loo... Pusing gue ("Ooh, it make me headache" in Bahasa Indonesia)... 

I asked which one is the best, to the seller (Indonesian Chinese with very fluent in Bahasa Indonesia without Chinese accent), he replied that Telkomsel have the best coverage. He asked me, how do I use, for internet, or just for call or use a lot of text? I just say I want all but more to internet use. So he suggested simPATI pack as below. The price just Rp 15 000 only (+- RM 4.50). But, it only has Rp 3000 preloaded value and internet allocation capacity not so much, if I want, can be add on Rp20 000 for 600MB for 30 days. I just accepted it, just like been mesmerised, huhuhu...

After that, we keep on waliking, then I just found on the pack, there was a promo, only Rp30 000 will get 2GB data! Just Rp10 000 difference only with big different in data capacity allocation, huhuhu. But actually, that 600MB, for twice trip to Indonesia within 2 weeks, the data plan still not been used entirely... After that, I need to cut the SIM card because it only have in Mini SIM (normal size), my phone use nano SIM format. Azmi invited us to get some drink. At the restaurant, insya Allah, it can be cut. I already brought a scissor.

Hah, here is picture of Azmi... Quite handsome, it is? Hehehe... He brought us to a restaurant, simple but have WiFi... Hehehe, so straight away we updated status & uploaded picture at Facebook. Then, I opened SIM pack that been bought and cut the SIM card to be nano SIM to be inserted into my iPhone5... 

Azmi asked us to order some food, but we shied. But, after keep asked many times, afraid that rezeki will not come to us if we refused, so we took the menu, what to find something different. Ayam Rawit, first time I heard it, I asked to Azmi to know further about it, but he said he did not know (but I liked to unbelieve it), he added it is people of Karimun's food. Azmi actually came from Daik, Lingga and stays in Kundur island. So, I ordered Ayam Rawit with teh oh beng (iced tea without milk). 

After 5 minutes, Ayam Rawit arrived on our table, with rice. At Indonesia, most of foods will come with rice. I tasted Ayam Rawit, emmm delicious... Like chicken soto, but tastier... After 2-3 spoons then, OMG, my mouth like been burnt, TERBAAABOOO!!! So hot, until my forehead become sweaty and my nose become watery... HAH!!! I ordered 2 more iced water...

After we finished our meal, Azmi brought us to get around Tanjung Balai township. We went to Pasar Sri Karimun, main spot for souvenir. I bought some T-shirt for my children here. At first, for 3 T-shirt, I been asked for Rp 200 000 (about RM60.00). I shocked, why so expensive (just in heart), but Azmi quickly bargained for me. At last, I just paid Rp80 000 (about RM24.00). Thank you Azmi.

Next, we rode an angkot to go to a market (I forgot the name), to see the activities inside. Just like at Malaysia, but I found, they less use coin money. May be this because the lowest paper money in Indonesia is Rp1000 equal as 30 Malaysian sen only. The highest value of paper money is Rp100 000 which value of RM30.00 only.

Actually Azmi want to find a pair of slippers for his son. So he brought us to the nearest supermarket. So we walked to there. While walking, I saw a nice bulding on the top of a hill. Azmi said that building is owned by a very rich man. Nice architecture. Then we entered to the supermarket, alhamdulillah, we were chill out after supermarket air conditioner. Pak Nasir was pay out for the slippers.  

Then, Azmi brought us to Sri Tanjung Gelam People Pier, which is a jetty for local ferry services, where he brought us to his house at Kundur island. Untul here, my mouth still felt so hot cause of Ayam Rawit...

This pier just looked like a market. Here, the sorrounding were less formal like ferry service pier to international or domestic destination. Alhamdulillah, we just bought the tickets and straight boarded to the ferry and the ferry sail on. Just like stage bus service.

Actually there were many local  ferry providers for Tanjung Balai to Selat Beliah route, MV Asia Permai was among them, with 3 trips in a day. Others, with their own schedule which were differ than MV Asia Permai. Can be said that every hour will have trips between Tanjung Balai and Selat Beliah.

After 20 minutes sailing, the ferry arrived at Tanjung Makan jetty or what been written here Tanjung Maqom. Locals prefer to call this place Selat Beliah.

Tanjung Makam village, Kundur Island, taken from the jetty.

On the top of this hill, there is a Islamic scholar or kiyai mausoleum (makam in Malay). From this, Tanjung Makam got her name.

A couple of goats at jetty area.

For information, while we were in Indonesia, there was in preparation to organise general election for local administrators like bupati (district officer), walikota (mayor) to representative to Dewan Perwakilan Daerah - DPD (Provincial Representative House), Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat - DPR (House of Representative) & Majlis Permesyuaratan Rakyat - MPR (Senate). So, there were a lot of parties' flags here. But the election will be held on 09th April 2014, so this time was campaigning time. But I shocked, at one of a dining shop at Selat Beliah jetty, showed a Malaysian parti's flag... I so curioused... Or they just putted it on... Obviously, this party got some fans in Indonesia.

At the jetty, Azmi's wife, Yanti and their sons, Arul & Irfan waited for us. Arul & Irfan was so happy when they saw their father. We straight away went to their house. 

Actually, Azmi originated from Daik, Lingga island, Riau Islands and work in PT Timah, one of Indonesian Government's company that involved in mining industry especially in tin mining. Azmi and family live at PT Timah's quarters area at Prayun, northern Kundur island. The infrastructures are very good. So lucky if live here, the water supply and electricity are no charge. But the supply always has been interrupted. 

As arrived at Azmi's house, we had our lunch, prepared by Yanti. We had been served like VIP. After we performed our Zohor & Asar jamak qasar prayer, I slept... Zzz..

At 15:30 (3:30 pm), I woke up and so do Pak Nasir. We chit chatted about 10 minutes, then Azmi asked us to get around the island. We rode two motorcycle, Azmi and Pak Nasir on one motorcycle and another one, I alone...

First location was settlement of Orang Laut (a native ethnic in Indonesia and Malaysia). Actually Orang Laut also can be found at Malaysia especially Batu Pahat, Senibong and Kong Kong in Johor state. 

First location was settlement of Orang Laut (a native ethnic in Indonesia and Malaysia). Actually Orang Laut also can be found at Malaysia especially Batu Pahat, Senibong and Kong Kong in Johor state. When I saw Orang Lauts' settlement in Indonesia very differ than in Malaysia. In Malaysia, their welfare are more concerned by government than in Indonesia. In Indonesia, the infrastructure are very poor condition. Maybe this matter cause from government (because Indonesia is very large country and mainly government focus more to Java island) or the Orang Lauts attitude itself.  

Orang Lauts believe that Kundur Islands own by them. Even small thing like pets and baskets will be taken by them as they want to. Even they walk with spears!!! Huh, very horror!!!

Main economy activity of the Orang Lauts is in fishery. Their house very simple, also their live.

But, on positive view, Orang Lauts live attracted me. Very peacefull, not to complicated and very simple. Maybe that they want and comfort with that way of live. For me, they are not lucky enough because they live in this country. If they live in Malaysia, maybe their live will be better, plus this people are "adopted: by Sultan of Johor...

I was very upset with Indonesian government, even though the houses are very simple (more to very poor conditioned), but there is a building that very strongly built, which is a CHURCH!!! As a country that comprised 90% of the population of 250 million people are Muslim, make as the most Muslim populated country, but the native do not been approched to become ummah of Prophet Muhammad pbuh!!! That so sad!!!

One of some school in Kundur, at the junction between main road and street to Orang Lauts' settlement.

Azmi take us further to Kundur island. The main road of this island is very good conditioned. Quite big enough compare to the density of the island. Azmi said that this road was just been paved recently.

As we reached at a row of shops, we stopped here to taste uniqueness of Kundur. This the my favourite time. Perhaps I will not get like Ayam Rawit previously. But Azmi said this stuff is also hot...

Lendot - Sago cooked with some local vegetables (like water spinach and fern butt), fresh sea prawns XL sized and mud sea snails (but when we arrive, mud sea snail had finished, huhuhu)... We drank coconut with melaka sugar (sugar made from coconut sap)... Perkhhh... Total for 3 lendots and 2 coconut drink was Rp44 000... About RM13 only... The name of the shop also very unique, Kedai Cik Qila Intan Payung at Desa Baru Sawang, not very far from Sawang town. Alhamdulillah, this stuff was not to hot. I think want to eat this meal again because my favourite vege, red fern butt among the ingredient. This among the reason to come Kundur again.

The journey been continued, reaching Sawang town. As usual, this town, the business activities dominated by Chinese. This town is in middle of the way to Tanjung Batu, which is main town of the island.

I just realised that no petrol station in the island. Just like villages in Malaysia 20 years ago or at Hulu Langat (15th Miles further). Azmi filled up his motorcycles at a shop. Just using mug and funnel only. 4 litres (2 litres each motorcycles) around Rp46 thousands, means a litre about Rp 11 500, about RM3.45 per litre. What I been told, here they called benzine for petrol...  

Beside that, other shops also sell petrol in this island just like picture below.

We rode until end of the town, then we turned back. At first, I think we can went to Tanjung Batu, but the sky want to be dark to dusk.

But, we turn to left to Sawang beach just before at other end of the town, on the way to Prayun. Maybe to see sunset, perhaps.

Just parked the motorcycles, we went to the beach. The beach seem like be divided by two. The sand very beautiful and whitely. But when reach with sea water, it become muddy. I thought it is natural but it is not. Azmi said that originately the beach very clean and whitely but because of tin mining offshore of the island, the beach become muddy. That the pay off for the rapid development and not balanced. That true, at middle of the sea, I saw some diggers. So thankful that Malaysia is not like that. We can not see any oil well on the land because of environment impact, so do tin mining at the offshore area. Obviously, Malaysian government not so greedy like Indonesian counterpart.

At the beach, there was a old wooden jetty. We went to the jetty with care. The arrangement of the wood, there got some holes, if we slip though it, only God can know how pain will we get. At the end of the jetty, we can saw horizon of the sky very clearly. Commercial ships sailed very congestly, because of this area is gateway to Strait of Melaka from South China Sea, the busiest seaway in the world. Plus, the seaway among the narrowest.

Here also, can be seen clearly, islands and mainland of Sumatera. The islands is not included into Riau Islands province but included in Riau province (please do not confiused, before 2004 the was no Riau Islands province, only have Riau province, but after 2004, Riau Islands province was created from Riau province). Azmi said that we (I believe he means to include me) will go there. Very psycho, actually I want to follow then, but I have duty at my office. Huhuhu.

When we back to our motorcycle, we passed through a group of productions crew. Maybe they want to shoot an advertisement for Indonesia market. We saw a person, quite high and close the head with a cloth. Then the cloth opened and then we know she is the model for the production. But we quetion to each other, whether the model is a guy or a women or "both" hehehe. Then we realised that Pak Nasir not with us. Oh, he actually with the model. I walked to him and suddenly, Pak Nasir asked me to take his picture with her. Oh, then I heard her voice, and there confirmed that she is a women. Very sweet and soft of her voice... After I took 2-3 pictures, then I asked to Pak Nasir to take mine... Hehehe... Thats come the picture as above. Pak Nasir actually already asked her name, Kiki Lova, from Java island. I guest from Jakarta.

The time showed nearly 18:15 (6:15 pm). Maghrib just near to come. Azmi brought us back to PT Timah staff quarters complex. We parked in front of Al 'Inayah Mosque. Before prayer call been called, Azmi showed his office. We took some picture here. The after the prayer call been called, we went to mosque to perform Maghrib prayer. 

Inside the mosque were very simple if compare to mosques and mushollahs in Malaysia. with no thick carpet, just three in front rows of prayer mats. Other rows, just enough tiles. But the jemaah quite big, about 30 people. Alhamdulillah

After prayer, we back to Azmi's house, about 1 kilometre from the mosque. 

At the night, Azmi and his family asked me to go out again. We went to a fun fair. Here I learned some Indonesian word that I never heard and used before like somey ikan, mean fish ball.

After that, Azmi brought us to more happening place to dine. I ordered asam pedas just to taste Kundur's one. The taste a little different  here than Malaysia, maybe because they used chilli powder not dried chilli.

This time Pak Nasir treated us... Hehehe... Our stomach became full, alhamdulillah. After our meal, we returned to Azmi's home to sleep, zzz...

To be continued in Day 3.

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