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Tips : Money Changers at Ampang Park, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

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If before I shared money changers in Masjid India, so this time I want to share about the money changer services available in another area in Kuala Lumpur, which is quite compatible foreign currency exchange rates, which in Ampang Park mall, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. 

After read a number of blogs and Facebook groups, and many suggested to change money at Ampang Park. So I did some research on this, and indeed they have same rate with Masjid Indias'. Even some of the rate are better. 

Based on the list of tenants directory displayed at the Ampang Park foyer, there are four tenants who provide these services. It can be referred as below. But actually, five money changers operate in Ampang Park.

First of all, I went to McDonald's area, took the lane behind it. On the right of the lane (if in the direction of Jalan Ampang), there are a supermarket. There are also a pair of escalator are and opposite it (ie on the left) there is a money changer, NS Cashpoint Sdn Bhd. May be it is a new money changer because it is not included in the directory as above. I bought US$10.00 with price of RM32.05 on 07th July 2014, gave RM32.10 to them but no balance was given to me.

Then I keep walked down the lane to the entrance/exit to Ampang Park back alley and stairs leading to the upper floor. Antara Duit Agency Sdn Bhd is located on the right just before the entrance/exit and the stairs. This money changer, I got a lot of feed back, because it gives the best exchange rate. I made the exchange Thai Baht of ฿1000 with only RM100.30 only on 07th July 2014, the best in Kuala Lumpur.


Back to Ampang Park's directory, I turned to the right and walked to the lane and not far from there, there is a money changer, which is Daily Perfect Rate Sdn Bhd. If from outside which is from Jalan Ampang, to the money changer, need to go to the lane between Maybank and BSN and walk through it and then take the first right lane. The store is not far from the junction earlier lane next to a photo shop. The rate is quite good. I bought US$ 1.00 on 10th July 2014 for my trip to Vientiane, Laos on Merdeka Day holiday. The rates are the cheapest RM3.19 in Kuala Lumpur on that day. But it is rounded to RM3.20.


For further money changers, Oriental House Sdn Bhd, is easiest to find as it is located at the front of this shopping center. If fromJalan Ampang or from the LRT station (Kelana Jaya), Ampang Park, it is located next to 7-Eleven convenience store on the right side of the entrance to the lobby. On 10th July 2014, I bought a US$1.00 as same price as Perfect Daily Rate Sdn Bhd.


On J10th July 2014, I used the escalator opposite of NS Cashpoint Sdn Bhd to going up (level 1). When arrived at the end, turn back, you'll see another money changer, Subhiyah United Money Sdn Bhd. It is actually a subsidiary of Subhiyah Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd, which is not far from there. At that time I buy US$1.00 but they was out of stock. Sales rate at that time was US$1.00 = RM3.19. (Updated) I changed ฿1000 at 18th July 2014 for RM100.50, the best rate among 5 money changers in Ampang Park, 4 money changers in Masjid India and one at Masjid Jamek area.


If you are not comfortable with money changer in Masjid India because need to walk a bit from the Masjid Jamek LRT station or because the Masjid India area is always crowded, especially during the festive season, then money changers in Ampang Park this can be your choice, especially those from the east of Kuala Lumpur (Ampang, Keramat, Kg Pandan) or working in vicinity of Ampang Park. LRT station is very close without having to walk far and walkaway is sheltered from the sun and rain (because the station is connected to the Ampang Park LRT), it is more comfortable than Masjid India. 

Here I want to remind again if we want to convert Malaysian Ringgit (RM) to foreign currency, it treated as a purchase, but when looking at the rates display board, look at sell rate, as it is seen from teh perspective of money changer, not us. 

Likewise, if you want to exchange the foreign currency to RM, it treated as to sell the currency, but need to look at the buying rate at the display board. 

In my opinion, in many countries, the exchange rate in Masjid India and Ampang Park are among the best, even better than majority of money changers in the origin country of the currency used, for example in Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore and Batam, Indonesia. But if you want to go to Saudi Arabia or other area in Indonesia than Batam (like Bali, Medan and others), the local rate is better. This is based on my experience. 

Hopefully this sharing can help you in planning your holiday trip and travel.

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